TerraGro BioBoost

Product feature:

Light beige powder, composed of pure natural seaweed extract.

Main ingredients                                                                                     
Seaweed Polysaccharides45%
Alginic Acid20%
Organic Matter55%

Unlock the power of the ocean with TerraGro BioBoost, the pure seaweed extract fertilizer:

  • Natural powerhouse: light beige powder packed with 45% seaweed polysaccharides for exceptional bioactivity.
  • Growth regulation and resilience: enhance plant development, strengthen the immune system, and protect against stress.
  • Nutrient absorption boost: Alginic acid (20%) promotes efficient uptake of minerals like N (1%), K2O (5%), and Ca (0.5%) for optimal health.
  • Sustainable partner: 55% organic matter supports healthy soil life and long-term fertility.
  • Synergistic solution: Works seamlessly with foliar fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers, compound fertilizers, and microbial inoculants to maximize their effectiveness.

Benefits for TerraGro BioBoost:

  • Increased crop yield and quality.
  • Vibrant blooms and larger fruits and vegetables.
  • Improved root development and water retention.
  • Enhanced soil health and biodiversity.
  • Suitable for various crops and application methods.
  • Application:
  • Foliar Spray: 1-5kg/ha
  • Irrigation:5-10kg/ha
  • Notes:
  • It can be used together with most pesticides; a compatibility jar test is suggested prior to

mixing in application.