FUJI 88 Biostimulant

A Seaweed Extract you can’t find anywhere else,,

  • Fuji 88 is  an  innovative  seaweed  extract  produced  with
  • Fuji patented technology. It is nearly neutral (pH 5-7), with a higher
  • content of Alginic Acid and PGR, retaining various amino acids from
  • seaweed. Furthermore, the functional groups in the extract chelated
  • six kinds of mediums and trace elements.

Fuji 88: Unleashing the Power of the Sea for Unrivaled Plant Growth

Born from the pristine waters of Japan, Fuji 88 represents the culmination of meticulous science and ancient wisdom. This revolutionary seaweed extract, crafted with Fuji’s patented technology, unlocks the hidden potential of the sea to elevate your crops to new heights.

Unveiling the Secrets of Nature:
  • Unmatched Alginic Acid (30%): Boasting 3–10x the content of similar products, Fuji 88 offers superior water retention and nutrient absorption, fostering vibrant growth from within.
  • Bioavailable Treasures: Rich in six chelated mediums and trace elements readily available for plant uptake, Fuji 88 ensures complete nourishment across the lifecycle.
  • Near-Neutral Harmony (pH 5-7): Compatible with most fertilizers and pesticides, Fuji 88 seamlessly integrates into your existing regimen, fostering holistic plant health.
  • Instant Dissolution, Effortless Application: Formulated for immediate impact, the Fuji 88 simplifies your journey, letting you focus on what truly matters—your harvest.

Experience the Fuji 88 Advantage:

  • Enhanced Nutrient Efficiency: Witness your crops thrive as Fuji 88 unlocks the full potential of every fertilizer and nutrient source.
  • Synergistic Power, Unleashed: Elevate pest control efforts by combining Fuji 88 with pesticides, maximizing their effectiveness, and protecting your yield.
  • Unwavering Resilience: Prepare your crops to face environmental challenges head-on, as Fuji 88 strengthens its defenses against drought, extreme temperatures, and more.
  • Abundance You Can See and Taste: Reap the rewards of a bountiful harvest with increased yield and enhanced fruit quality, a testament to the transformative power of Fuji 88.

Fuji 88: At Your Service

Available in both convenient powder and liquid forms, the Fuji 88 adapts to your individual needs and application preferences.

Product Index:

ComponentPowder (%)Liquid (g/L)
Nitrogen (N)16
Potassium Oxide (K₂O)2048
Total Amino Acids412
Alginic Acid30120
Organic Matter40150
Chelated Trace Elements2.610.6

Chelated Trace Elements: Ca, Mg, Zn, Fe, Mn, B, Mo

Unlocking Potential, Application by Application:

Foliar SprayLiquid1-5L/ha
Drip IrrigationLiquid20-40L/ha
Synergist with Fertilizer/PesticideLiquid10-30L/KL
Foliar SprayPowder5-15kg/ha
Drip IrrigationPowder5-15kg/ha
Synergist with Fertilizer or PesticidePowder3-10kg/mt

A Legacy of Quality, Woven into Every Drop:

Fuji 88 embodies the Japanese spirit of innovation and unwavering dedication to excellence. Every bottle is a testament to meticulous research, stringent quality control, and a deep respect for the natural world. When you choose Fuji 88, you choose a partner in your pursuit of agricultural excellence, a trusted confidante who whispers the secrets of the sea to your soil.

Embrace the Fuji 88 difference. Transform your harvest. Elevate your legacy.

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