Unlock maximum potential and efficiency with our γ-PGA powered products:

Powder (PhytoBoost/OptiGro BioShield/TerraLife Thrive):

  • A light yellow powder packed with potent γ-PGA and polysaccharides.
  • Water-saving formula: Conserve precious water resources while ensuring optimal hydration.
  • Enhanced stress resistance: Fortify your crops against environmental and biotic challenges.
  • Sustainable solution: Organic ingredients support healthy soil life and long-term fertility.

Liquids (AquaShield Bloom/NutriGro Power/YieldMax Plus):

  • Black or deep green liquid formulas enriched with γ-PGA, seaweed extract, and essential nutrients.
  • Fertilizer efficiency: maximize nutrient uptake and utilization, reducing input needs.
  • Increased production and quality: Boost yields, enhance flavor, and achieve vibrant fruits and vegetables.
  • Choose your focus:
    • AquaShield Bloom (γ-PGA Liquid I): Prioritizes flowering and fruit set for abundant harvests.
    • NutriGro Power (γ-PGA Liquid II): delivers a balanced nutrient punch for vigorous growth and overall health.
    • YieldMax Plus (γ-PGA Liquid III): Combines powerful ingredients for maximum yield potential and stress resilience.

Benefits for all products:

  • Promotes root development and nutrient uptake.
  • Improves soil structure and water retention.
  • Supports beneficial microbiome activity.
  • Suitable for various crops and application methods.